Hallo! Ja, ich kann klein Deutsche. 

Okay, so I had to write a little in German. I don't even know if that's right. xD

Name: Abby

Age: 16 (I still can't drive :3 )

Language: English, but I can understand German to a certain degree

Major: Management

Minor: Accounting

College (hopefully): JSU or University of Alabama

Future Job(s): GM of a football team, preferably college

Why I Love Writing: It's life, simple as that.

Okay, so I guess that's it.
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The Fate of the Forge, A Chronicles of Steel Short Story (Watty Awards 2014)

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Description: "The magic wielders of the kingdom had once been a proud and noble group of people, now they were living in hiding because of my bloodline. I only wish I could see my father's face now; he would die before seeing his eldest son and heir fraternizing...


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Hey Abby! Thanks so much for your kind words about "Unlocked" on the "first paragraph" thread! I really liked yours too, so I had to come check out "The Fate of the Forge" :). Also, your username has purple in it, and I can't ever resist purple.