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☹I don't believe in happy endings☹

✓One Direction Fan Fictions
✓Phan Fictions
✓Lana del Rey, Marina and the Diamonds, Natalia Kills, Miley Cyrus, 1D, American Authors, 5 Seconds of Summer
✓The Hundred Acre Woods, Modern Baseball, The Story So Far, The Wonder Years, The Polar Bear Club
✓Chelsea Grin, Real Friends, OMandM, BMTH, MIW, Asking Alexandria, Attila, Secrets, BTF, BVB
✓Vintage everything
✓Taking photos
✓Lucille Ball
✓Stay Sick, Tilly's, Forever 21, Hot Topic, LGDY, Vans, Converse 
✓The 300 series
✓Game of Thrones
✓The Walking Dead
✓Boondock Saints (movie)
✓Reality TV shows (especially Catfish)
✓Bob's Burgers, Family Guy, & American Dad
✓American Horror Story

☓Condescending Assholes
☓Books with horrible plot line
☓Books with overused plot line (which, yes I know Youth Gone Wild falls under but people seem to like it so I won't take it down)

☆It's Kind of a Funny Story
☆The Vast Fields of Ordinary
☆13 Reasons Why
☆Fried Green Tomatoes
☆To Kill a Mockingbird

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Immaculately Misconceived ~A Ricky Horror Fan Fiction~

Social data: 27.6K reads. 747 votes. 160 comments.

Description: Valentine's entire life changes when her friend dies in a car crash. This is not your ordinary love story, just when you think a happy ending is coming along, life throws another u-turn into the mix.

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BFFs Forever (5SoS)

BFFs Forever (5SoS)

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Our Cliché Story: A 1D FanFict

Our Cliché Story: A 1D FanFict

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Backlash (Phan)

Backlash (Phan)

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"A term describing the amount of play between gears, or gear mush. If too loose, the gear can slip or s...

Finding Oli {o.s}

Finding Oli {o.s}

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Oliver Sykes is lost, not literally but metaphorically speaking. He is supposed to be like his fathe...