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 #TeamMindless @MindlessBhavior Got them girls talking bout and they be blowing up their phone no they don't give up easily #JetSetter That boy is hot!!!!!!!!!!!
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The Pain A Smile Can Hide.Living with the Walker Boys (EDITING)The Danger Zone (Sequel To T.I.S.)Army Strong

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Lol I think you made a mistake you said I need so gas
Gutta Chick (Urban) Book 1

I don't usually comment but seriously one of the best books I have ever read. Great job you are an amazing writer. I LOVE IT :)
It All Started With An Apple

How do I read the rest of the story?
Every Girl Needs A Thug { S...

What did Tremaine mean I will change by the way Cree walks?
Playin' Hard

This story is so amazing what does Tremaine mean by you can't handle trukfit or something like that?
Playin' Hard