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Just call me Dee, or DiDi. :)

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Lol it'd be epic if Elle was pregnant by Mike, not epic in the sense that it's great that he cheated on his girlfriend and she cheated on Drew,...
And Then He Fell

Elle is ridiculous. She genuinely cares about her sister's well being but she makes it really hard for people to see that with her constant bashing.
And Then He Fell

There is nothing I would enjoy more than to slap the piss out of Ellie. She's such a brat, and I hate her lol
And Then He Fell

I will literally slap FIRE out of Mercedes. She's acting like a total wench and it's really getting on my nerves. Just because she's mad at Lacey...
Childhood Sweethearts.

Dammit Michael you had ONE job lol, buuuuuut Cash and Gucci need to get back together, they've been through tooooooo much to let it go down the...
That Ballah Love: Down For ...