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Just call me Dee, or DiDi. :)

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That Ballah Love: Down For My BallahWaking Up Next To HimHold Me Down (Urban) Book 2Yes Father [Book 1 Yes Series] [Completed]

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Smh Analeigh's mom is a booger. It's a shame that she really had to fight her mom in the street for money to pay some bills...but on a much...
Chad's Justice

Lincoln cute but I would've busted his skull down to the white meat! Lord Jesus help me! Who does that to their "friend"? Nigga HATE ME if you...

Vera gon' make me bust her head open -___- if she don't take her ol' ungrateful behind and sit down somewhere. She has some nerve to think about...
Loyal (Colin Kaepernick Fan...

Omg these four books have been so good! I cried when Cam died, I lowkey miss him in the story, these characters are almost like family
My Life Be Like 4 : The Finale

Yes Val! Malcolm stay in ya lane booboo you came to her and she ain't call for you *KeKe Palmer voice* gon' get these paws put on ya *Scrappy voice*
THICK: The Big Girl's Skinn...