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Hiyaz! is my greeting! Katie is my name!

what to write well
> I'm 18
> I live in Ireland
> Im small
> I look younger than I actually am
> I despise getting my picture taken
> I'm a perv but no need to fear I have control over myself....most of the time XP
> I love to read! (Obviously) I'll read almost anything that's good. Just not horror stories since they just freak me out
> I am obsessed with anime and manga. Love to talk about it with anyone and share series to read/watch.
> I have a serious temper when I get really pissed but that hardly happens anymore
> I am seriously lazy
> I also love Disney movies. The good old ones where they're drawn and tell a good story. 
> When i was younger I had this pokemon obbsession that hasnt fully gone away
> I laugh in serious situations. I cant help it though I can be like really sad or in pain and I'll just start laughing 
> I have a crazy obsession with my phone...and my kindle...and keeping all my books neat
> I have these weird bursts of adrenalin sometimes make me go friggin craaazzy
> If you try and touch my chocolate I will bite you!
> I don't understand text speak

Thats all i can think of right now!

╔╦╦╦╦═╗You look like you need a hug!
║╩║║║╔╗ .♥.♥.♥.

║██║♫ Paste this on 
║██║♫ your page if♫ 
║(O)║ ♫you love♫ 
╚══╝♫ music♫

╚══`.¸.Anime and Manga

♀+♀= ♥ GENDER
♂+♂= ♥ DOESN'T
♂+♀= ♥ MATTER

Remember to stay away from pit holes :)
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