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Name Isabella
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Ok let's just say I love waffles!!!!!! :D my friends say I'm a little bit random. But you know what I think? ... EXACTLY!!! I own a horse she's purtty. And before you ask, NO I'm not a cowgirl! Jeez just give me a break can't I just munch on a blueberry in peace? Is that too much to ask for? APARENTLY! Oh wait I almost forgot HI! Buzzzzz.... Whoa alarm clock haha jk...maybe. 

So you wanna know some stuff about me well fine darling just don't beg

Favorite food: WAFFLES!!!
Favorite song: hmmm.. The Arby's theme song "it's good mood food!!"
Favorite animal: porcupine because theyre all like watch out I have pricklies..that sounds like pickles

Muffins hehehe 

Oh hey btw...that means by the way for all you non-text amatory peeps (no offence) I'm not much of a writer just a reader so if you want me to become of ya just ask. Wait I know what youre thinking 
*what? no one is THAT kind and genorous*
Me-oh stop it youre making me blush
Me either...

Wait let's open the lunch box people!
Ohhh it's a banana  
Wait what's this? A soda! My mom never gives me soda but I have soda in here. You know why BCUZ IT'S MAGINAY 
Oh look it's chicken Ramon soup I no ur all like ? And I'm all like hahaha
oh no the voices they're in my head again!!!!! 
Hey I got another fact of me for u ready for this?
No I'm just joking
Phew I thought u really didnt want to know 
I don't 
Hahaha you should have seen your face!! Priceless..kinda
What's up 
Nuhuh its squids!
Well maybe where you are!
WE LIVE IN THE SAME PLACE.. I think wait who are you?
I'm your conscience 
Oh yeah I'm gonna call you bill 
But I'm a girl
Fine billany
Really!? That's the best you can do? 
your problly like what? OMG don't u remember unpacking lunch!
Anyway that's it? THATS ALL I HAVE TO EAT FOR LUNCH??? Thanks mom! :p oh yeah I packed my lunch? Stupid me anyway ~ toothpaste
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