I'm India, and I'm 18 years old. Nice to meet you :) 

I'm not entirely sure what to put here to be honest. 
I'm currently at college, and I'm currently studying Philosophy, Religion & Ethics, Creative Writing, English Literature and Language combined and Journalism. 
I've also previously studied Sociology and Psychology. 

I'm always up for a chat so feel free to drop me a message. I'll also check out any of your work; if you want me to take a look just send me a link! 

Look forward to hearing from you!
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Description: Determination. Betrayal. Ignorance. Lust. When the Ivory Protection around Tralnay is lost, Auriel is asked to find the stones that will restore it. She has no choice but to embark on the quest with five companions. But when everyone is out to kil...

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okay so I'm also clearing my reading lists out... Some of you that asked me to critique will see the critiques in the next few days,  but I'm afraid I simply can't do them all because it's been so long and I want to start rejuvenating my wattpad.  feel free to pm me if you really wanted feedback :) x
HopelessDreamer24 commented on My Rants - 1. People Who Follow for Follow

I think it's an age thing too.  younger people aren't going to take everything as seriously as other people will,  and that's not an insult - I was exactly the same. Whilst I never did the whole follow for a follow thing I genuinely thought my stories were going to be uploaded onto here and be loved by everyone - how deluded can someone be!  it takes hard work and dedication and actual decent people that will read your work and give you feedback to ever really become successful on this site. 

Nice rant btw,  I couldn't agree more :)