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Wake Up Call paperback and eBook

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Hello everyone. My name is Victoria and I'm from Rockford Illinois. I just turned 28 in February and just recently started writing. The date that I started this profile is the day that I decided to write a story just for the heck of it. To be honest, I never really expected anyone to read it. I must say that I am very happy that you all decided to because that led me to writing more. Now I just can't seem to stop and the ideas just won't stop coming. Wattpad has become a big part of my life and I have all of you to thank. Thank you all so much for giving me the chance and being so supportive. It means the world to me. I promise you all that I will do my best to not disappoint you guys. I know that it sometimes takes a while for my updates, but I will do my best for you all. Also I want to point out that some of my earlier stories may not be very well written, but I keep them on here to show how much I have grown. I hope that you all can see that as well. <3

Some writers and people that I adore
 @W_TO_THE_V - My wonderful boyfriend of 4 years
 @RobBlue - sweet and writes mad sex scenes.
 @JackGallow -Adorable and funny as shit
 @QueenOfTheEdibles - Amazing, always there for me and writes sexy shit
I know that I didn't add everyone, but I adore so many people on here.

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This Regret (Sample) Book available for sale on Amazon sites

This Regret (Sample) Book available for sale on Amazon sites

2 parts / 7 pages, updated Mar 19, 2014PG-13
**Warning** This is just a sample of my published book. Phoenix has been stumbling through life since her brother Adric's tragic death but ... read more
1,593 reads votes 37 comments 10
Clothing Optional

Clothing Optional

5 parts / 29 pages, updated Sep 13, 2013PG-13
First step, moving out of parents house. Second step, finding a roommate. Kendra finally thought she was free. She's twenty-one and getting a place away from her parent... read more
427,819 reads votes 6,541 comments 931
Lustfully Yours (Short Erotica Stories)

Lustfully Yours (Short Erotica Stories)

3 parts / 10 pages, updated Sep 02, 2013R
* Must be 18 or over to read.* Before I could even finish his lips were pressed against mine, his strong hands gripping my ass to pick me up so that ... read more
135,865 reads votes 1,765 comments 210
Some Roommate (Old Version)

Some Roommate (Old Version)

32 parts / 63 pages, updated Aug 26, 2013PG-13PicturesCompleted
"He grabs one of my thighs with his other hand and wraps my leg around his sexy firm body. He starts pulling me into him as he pushes his body firmly into m... read more
12,250,134 reads votes 74,663 comments 6,221
Wake Up Call  (SAMPLE ONLY!Paperback and eBook available on

Wake Up Call (SAMPLE ONLY!Paperback and eBook available on

20 parts / 71 pages, updated Aug 10, 2013PG-13VideoPicturesCompleted
A/N This story is now published in paperback and eBook form. This is only a sample of the unedited version. Thank you. Avery Hale had spent h... read more
11,053,744 reads votes 89,259 comments 13,316
Beautifully Damaged

Beautifully Damaged

3 parts / 11 pages, updated Jun 29, 2013PG-13
Phoenix’s life is in danger... As the clock ticks, she is getting closer and closer to death. That is unless she can find him. The one that is willing to sacrifice his... read more
23,809 reads votes 781 comments 279
Monarch Spring (Written by Hall Campbell R.I.P)

Monarch Spring (Written by Hall Campbell R.I.P)

1 page, updated May 04, 2013G
This is a poem that was written by a friend/co-worker of mine. A very nice man. Please read this and let him know what you think. Thank you. R.I.P Hall Campbell 6/4/2013
4,369 reads votes 202 comments 104
Crash And Burn

Crash And Burn

7 pages, updated Apr 18, 2013PG-13
Memphis Carter, an eighteen-year-old graduate, thought that he had it all. The girls, the bad boy persona and a best friend that had been like a brother to him his whole li... read more
21,504 reads votes 305 comments 163
Addicted To Your Crazy

Addicted To Your Crazy

4 pages, updated Mar 20, 2013
I leaned into the desk annoyed with everyone's assumption and slammed my fist down. "I'm not angry." I hissed. The judge raised a curious eyebrow, while ... read more
33,579 reads votes 455 comments 97
Rainy Estate (A sample of the eBook I'm working on)

Rainy Estate (A sample of the eBook I'm working on)

4 pages, updated Sep 15, 2012PG-13
The old woman just sat there with her beady eyes glued on the fuzzy screen. Her white ratted hair was pulled up in a bun in a sorry att... read more
7,706 reads votes 41 comments 22
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How To Tame A Bad Boy

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