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Love me, hate me -either way you're thinking of me!

RaNdOm FaCtS aBoUt Me:
•I procrastinate almost all the time.
•I eat way too much ice-cream
•I have a really strange sense of humor -bascially I laugh at everything!
•I still sleep with teddy bears.
• My favourite colour is torquise.
•I'm obsessed with vintage.
•Tuna melts are the best things ever.
• I'm a lazy perfectionist (if you know what I mean)
•Danny Schwarz is my boyfriend alright. He just have no idea we are together, (;
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Things I like:
Caramel, Chocolate, Honey, Pizza, Mushroom, Ramen noodles, Snow Flakes, Presents, Bunny, Anything fluffy, Efiel tower, Old books, Gummy bears, Strawberry milkshake, Cherry martini, Rainbow, Nature, Adrenaline rush, Sleeping, Photography, Traveling the world, Pooh bear, Post-it notes, Making people smile, Sparkles, Ranting, Laughing, Annoying others, Sour Skittles, Reading, Apple Pie, Shaker Fries, Cranberry vodka, Watermelon juice, Yogurt, Crispy chicken wing, Dancing, Meaniful quotes, Stars.


“It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not.”
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Haha someone got a little too possesive. Tsk tsk. But seriously, Bryce called Theia, "little theia?" Lols. Sometimes, Bryce gets a little too dominating and controlling, but aren't all alphas like that? (I can't believe I'm trying to justify Bryce's actions) 
      Also, he was a really big jerk to poor lion): (but Bryce was just being protective of his mate right? Plus weres heal super fast)
      Bryce: 10
      Me: 0