❝ a good laugh and a long sleep are the two best cures for anything. ❞ - irish proverb
      hiii i'm sophia and i've been writing on Wattpad for a long ass time. 
      thanks to everyone for the amazing journey so far, i can never put into words how i feel about you all :,) and sorry to disappoint you but i am NOT justin bieber's little sister (no matter how hard i wish i was it hasn't happened)
      you can find me on:
      twitter - @flannelbiebs
      instagram - @ayosophia
      tumblr - sweetdreaminq / s-wiftrauhl
      snapchat - @ayosophiaa
      youtube - sophiathefangirl
      i love you guys so much
      yours truly,
      sophia x
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Long Live (Sequel to Payton Swift)

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Description: sequel to Payton Swift

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Heartbreak Girl (luke hemmings)

Heartbreak Girl (luke hemmings)

2.1K 113 45

jake dates lara. jake breaks lara's heart. lara cries. luke fixes lara. lara goes back to jake. repeat.

I Would. (Sequel to Be Alright)

I Would. (Sequel to Be Alright)

27K 736 219

"Your life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change." - Jim Rohn

My Life as Taylor Swift's little sister. (Hey I'm Payton Swift!)

My Life as Taylor Swift's little sister. (Hey I'm Payton Swift!)

451K 6.6K 2.1K

(Completed) Payton Swift is Taylor Swift's 17 year-old little sister, who follows Taylor around on her t...

Be Alright. (a Justin Bieber story)

Be Alright. (a Justin Bieber story)

705K 9.3K 988

(Completed) Nevaeh is probably the luckiest girl...after what had happened to her. She was abandoned by...

Sorry for not updating for like 5 years! Been so stressed recently but things will be updated this Sunday! I'm hoping to get at least one new chapter up for a story.  :)
      love y'all
      soph xoxo
      thank u all for the patience i'm so grateful xx
Quick reminder that pressuring me to update my works does not help me in the slightest! It really stresses me out because I'm trying to write good quality chapters for you all - which takes a long time for me.
      I'm also trying to balance mental stability, school, family, friends & my Youtube channel at the same time as this, so please please PLEASE try to be respectful when I haven't updated in a while. I'm trying my best here, I'm only one person!
      If you really want to help me out, leaving comments with actual feedback & suggestions for what YOU want to see in the specific story would really help speed things along.
      I do love you all so much & I'm forever thankful for what you've helped me accomplish but please just be polite and respectful and I'll try my best to update more.
      soph xoxo

Taylor laughs and gives me a hug. "Go get changed," she smiles and I squeal excitedly as Tay continues her sentence, "I'll grab the camera and then we'll take some pictures that are Instagram-worthy...
her personality is based off mine so i wrote this at a time where i got sidetracked so easily and i just thought that it fit with what i wanted for payton :)