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INSTAGRAM: @himehaeden
LINE: HimeHaeDen
KakaoTalk: HimeHaeDen

I am Hyun Joon Hee
.lives in Sapphire Blue Sea
.formerly... HimeYureinHyun

*friendly (?)
..i LOVE Seth Clearwater of Twilight Saga a.k.a BooBoo Stewart ♥
..i LOVE Uchiha Itachi of Naruto
..i LOVE Hyun Bin (Kim Tae Pyung), Lee Joon Ki and Vaness Wu

and I LOVE TWINS! esp: Jigger and Trigger Samaniego, Rath and Rextor Lagdameo, Magnesium Stanley and Mercury Harvey Kim, Kaoru and Hikaru Hitachin, and Grace Matic and Jigs Bala!

I love k-pop and anime
I love SUPER JUNIOR!~♥♥♥

~SJ Bias (All of them!)~

Park Jung Soo/Leeteuk

Kim Hee Chul

Han Kyung/Han Geng

♥Jong Woon/Yesung♥

Kim Young Woon/Kangin

Shin Dong Hee/Shindong

Lee Sung Min

Lee Hyuk Jae/Eunhyuk

Choi Si Won

Zhou Mi

Lee Dong Hae

Kim Ryeo Wook

Kim Ki Bum

Cho Kyu Hyun

Henry Lau


-BoA Kwon
-Kim Sun Ah (Kim Sam Soon)
-Song Hye Kyo (Full House)
-Han Ga In (Witch Yoo Hee)
-Han Hyo Joo

...I'm open for your comments opinions! thanks
...Let's be friends! :)

^^Certified and Forever EverLasting Friend!^^


One in a Million

One in a Million

3 parts / 4 pages, updated Jul 10, 2014G
323 reads votes 19 comments 10
The Princess and The Ninja

The Princess and The Ninja

6 pages, updated Jul 09, 2014GPicturesCompleted
59 reads votes 5 comments 4
Happily Whatever After [My Anatomic Love Fanfic]

Happily Whatever After [My Anatomic Love Fanfic]

8 pages, updated Jun 18, 2014PG-13PicturesCompleted
52 reads votes 5 comments 5
How Boys Fall in Love: 12 Kim Kyoung Jae

How Boys Fall in Love: 12 Kim Kyoung Jae

10 pages, updated Apr 14, 2014PG-13PicturesCompleted
72 reads votes 5 comments 2
How Boys Fall in Love: 11 Lee Sung Min

How Boys Fall in Love: 11 Lee Sung Min

9 pages, updated Mar 31, 2014PG-13VideoPicturesCompleted
92 reads votes 6 comments 1
How Boys Fall in Love: 10 Shin Dong Ho

How Boys Fall in Love: 10 Shin Dong Ho

10 pages, updated Apr 17, 2013GVideoPicturesCompleted
326 reads votes 8 comments 4
My Secret Love Story

My Secret Love Story

19 parts / 43 pages, updated Apr 13, 2013PG-13PicturesCompleted
" I married my idol, the Love of my life?!?! ......What?! When? Where? Why? and... How?!?!?" -Daphne
12,495 reads votes 319 comments 154
Just the Boy [A Kyle Patrick One Shot]

Just the Boy [A Kyle Patrick One Shot]

3 pages, updated Apr 06, 2013GPicturesCompleted
A fan wanting to see her idols. A fan cries if tehy were to disband. A fan feels happy when they smile. A fan loves her idol truly.
130 reads votes 2 comments 2
Ms. Cutiepie [One Shot]

Ms. Cutiepie [One Shot]

2 pages, updated Mar 28, 2013GCompleted
"Don't be offended neither be scared of me. I find you really cute." -Raizen Kyle
179 reads votes 7 comments 8
Fall [A Justin Bieber One Shot]

Fall [A Justin Bieber One Shot]

4 pages, updated Feb 23, 2013PG-13PicturesCompleted
Selena Bautista is in love with a Bieber... Jaxon Bieber! Justin's Little Brother! She's determined to meet Jaxo, and Justin is determined to meet her! What... read more
453 reads votes 9 comments 3
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napansin ko nga. Me too! Love ko din loveteam nila! Nakakatuwa kasi sila~ haha. Good job! Keep it up! ^_^
The Soldier and the Rockstar

Wow. Thank you..! Babasahin ko na, ha~ ^^
The Soldier and the Rockstar

naku, di ko din alam~ :(
Hanggang sulyap lang...~♥ [...

yeeees? hahahaha! sikretong malupet, ate sien! thank you sa pagbasa! ang ganda, di ba? hahaha! XD eh, basta. kwento ko sayo pag di ka busy. mwa, mwa!
My Red-Letter Day! <3

hahahahaha!! shocks, grabe talaga ang kilig ko, eh! dalwa na kayo ni sis min ang SOBRANG DUPER UBER HYPER SUPER MEGA nakapag-pakilig sakin ng to...
My Red-Letter Day! <3