Um well I guess I can start by saying my name is Letitia but it's pronounced like Lu-ti-sha.
      No I am not black, I'm white and I am half African, half American.
      I realize that sounds somewhat racist but it's not. I'm just tired of people thinking I'm black because of my name. 
      I'm a Pescatarian. That means I'm a Vegetarian who eats fish. I don't like meat. Just being around it makes me feel sick. Fish is the exception.
      I love books about thing like vampires and werewolf, anything in that like fantasy category.
      I HATE WHEN PEOPLE WRITE LIKE THIS. I pisses me off and those people need to stop because it's improper.
      I am always starting new stories and never post them but I'm working on that. I'm a huge procrastinator.
      I travel a lot; that has a small part to do with it. At this very moment, while I'm writing this, I'm in France.
      When it comes to others, however, I don't procrastinate at all so if you would like me to edit your work I'd be happy to do so. I always get annoyed by improper grammar, even at myself, and I know others do as well.   
      Just email me and we can talk more on the subject.
      P.S. Please follow me on twitter. -information above-
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