Hi, I'm Jessica Bertha Gwanyalla.
      - Curently 18
      - Favorite color(s): Scarlet Red and Midnight Blue.
      - I like Apples.
      - My favorite word is "word."
      - Triple Moon Child (zodiac related)
      - Pearl White fur and has grey eyes (<- background) her name is Dawn Saintnew. (if you know "Brett" played by Cody Saintgnue then, just saying, he's my mate <3)
      - I love the sound of rain/thundder/ and lighting (my element is fire so I'm also strongest then.)
      - I have the worst luck with the number 13 and even Fridays' that fall on a thirteenth. /.\
      - Really into mythology (Hades & Athena ^_^)
      - I'm also a Dreamer, Lost Vessel, and ROTUW :)
      - And I hail from Somerville, MA (born in Silver spring, MD)
      - To lazy to finish~
      My shizz:
      Twitter: @LeHurricane69
      Tumblr: gwanyalla617.tumblr.com
  • Location:
    Alongside Mystic River Ten Hills Somerville, Ma
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    a year ago

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