Location Admin kidnapped Julchen and they both live in Canada now.
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Admin: Hello!
I's fine giving out me real name, if you want to know.
I'm lucky it's gender-neutral.
I recently figured out that I am Genderfluid (for example, at the time of writing this I feel like neither but before I felt male). Actually, this may explain my dream from when I was younger. I had a dream I was turning into a male, even though my biological sex is female.
I am also Pansexual.
I'm random. I'm part of to many fandoms to list.
Let's just introduce Julchen, ja?
Julchen: Hallo! Keseseseses!
I'm Julchen Beilschmidt! I am the pure definition of awesome.
I AM, Her_Awesomeness.


Anime Prank Calls (20% Awesomer)

Anime Prank Calls (20% Awesomer)

5 parts / 4 pages, updated Jan 27, 2013
1,676 reads votes 40 comments 71
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