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A strange creature who just wanted to write. Not a writer by profession but a writer by heart. I started writing stories since I was taught how to read ones. I wrote them in my imagination and daydreaming about them made me happy. I never pursued writing as a career but when I stumbled upon Wattpad, my life changed. Never did I imagine that the stories in my head that made me happy would bring happiness to other people too!  My profession may be far from writing stories but somehow, Wattpad became a new world for my ideas that only floated in my head, for the unborn characters and unwritten stories in my imagination. Wattpad gave a life to them and gave me a chance to live my other dream. Wattpad is my breath of fresh air from reality and Helenaelise is my refuge and I now believe that:

 "When a person really desires something, all the universe conspires to help that person realize his dream" -Paulo Coelho

Our realities may be far from our dreams but somehow, in some ways our dreams could become our realities, if we only believed and if we never stop on chasing our dreams.

100% BANA. B1A4 is LOVE. Baro is eternal my eternal bliss <3~

P.S. My stories may have typographical and grammatical errors so sorry I barely have time to edit them.


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Description: [NO SOFTCOPIES] He treats the world as if it is his exclusive doll house and people as his prized dolls, treating human emotion as trash. Pulling the strings above to join him in his lonely play. A mysterious boy with a mysterious past. Behind his e...

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aeiN_leiram posted a message to Helenaelise
hello po :')
you're such a great author misS,  thank you for your wonderful stories.  I have read them before on ebooks. Keep writing because somehow i found you as an inspiration coz i really want to create story too that always floating to my mind  . I hope someday your story can be watch as a movie i would love to watch it :) God Bless :')
Helenaelise is such a lunatic in A VERY GREAT WAY!!! gosh girl you're so good pulling out various emotions on me just using watty and letters xD Love ur stories gurl! keep on updating! mwah! ;)