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Diary ng Panget BOOK 1, BOOK 2, BOOK 3 and BOOK 4
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She Died (Manga Adaptation) 
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Voiceless BOOK 1 and BOOK 2
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"Just write. People will like it, people will hate it but yeah, just keep on writing."


What Paul says about Peter tells us more about Paul than about Peter. - Spinoza

"Whenever you feel like criticizing any one," he said, "just remember that all the people in this world haven't had the advantages that you've had." - The Great Gatsby
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we never know how a person thinks and what his/her intentions are unless kilala po naten sila. After all, dogs bark on strangers not on people they consider as friends and masters. Di po sa nakikialam but I think it's unfair for the uhm say, poser. So what kung poser, she's not doing any harm naman po di ba. Baka at the end of the day po, imbes na siya ang naging masama, eh kayo na pala. We never know. Pakatotoo po tayo
?_? Hindi ko po alam kung ano talaga yung totoong acc. ni ate denny. Nakakalito... pero  I am just a person and I believe that "if you are to judge others, then you must be prepared to judge yourself."  I don't know which is really which or who is really who, but  i can say only this: ANO PO KARAPATAN NG MGA NANGBABASH DIYAN PARA MANGJUDGE? ^_^ "mirror mirror on the wall... baka nabasag yung mirror pagtingin mo"=___= TSS