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Haiii. . . Im Kelsey( :

• One Direction ❤
• Little Mix ❤
• Ed Sheeran ❤
• Adele ❤
• Justin Bieber ❤
• Etc.❤ 

merp. merp.

~ Check Out My One Direction Fanfics Maybe? :) Pwetty Pwease? I Bet You'll LUFF Them;) lolol. I write fanfics w| friends.. Message me some ideas for my next 1D Fanfic?.. If You Want To Check Out The Fanfics I Write w| Friends, Check My Msg Board Or Msg Meeee:) 

 Ermm. So Yea. 
BAAAI ❤ . . .


Nothings Fine, Im Torn. . .

Nothings Fine, Im Torn. . .

29 parts / 36 pages, updated Dec 01, 2012PG-13
Kayla Tomlinson. Knows Nothing About One Direction. Not a Thing! That is Untill, She Moves in With Them! 16 Years After Being Kidnapped By Her Mum and StepDad. Not h... read more
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Crying because i just started reading this a half-n-hour ago and its already over. Now i shall go cry in a corner, starving myself, and slowly...
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@Nora_Als_00 Thanks:) ill tryto update soon! .x
Nothings Fine, Im Torn. . .