Sometimes, I appreciate much those things that most people nowadays often ignore and neglect.
Yet, there are times that I often ignore what most people appreciate and praise nowadays.

•	I love watching the clouds.
•	I love the sea.
•	I love Star gazing.
•	I love sunsets.
•	I love classics.
•	I just love..

Above all, I love the Invisible God.  And as much as possible, I love what Lord God also loves and values.
-	It’s me to others.
-	Others to me.
-	And Me to Him.

One of my most favorite Bible verses is this:
“Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.”
-	Proverbs 3:5

I love to write.  I really do.  I love the thought of sharing my life to others through my writings.
I love writing stories/articles and poems to express and to inspire myself.  Who knows? Maybe I can  inspire others, too.   I do believe that literature is meant to uplift one’s heart.

I also believe that the best way to write is to write with your heart.
We are what we write and we become what we choose to become.
However, I believe in Fate and Destiny.  I believe in the things that many Humans don’t see.
Faith makes everything possible so, I keep it.

I love reading.  I really do.  Thanks to that abandoned Library that I found many years ago, way back in Elementary.

So far, these are my favorite authors:  (It's my goal to read all of their published books.)
-	Mary Pope Osborne
-	Paulo Coelho
-	Mitch Albom
-	Nicholas Sparks
-	And of course, those chosen People who wrote the Bible.

I am a Dreamer and the thought of turning those dreams into a reality makes my life exciting.  Yay!
I dream to circumnavigate the world and see for myself those things that I often watch and read.

In anyway, I just trust God and may His Will be done.

Hi!  I am Hapcher.  Let’s talk about Love and Life.
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