My name is Hamilton. I have two siblings, Zach and Svetlana (she is adopted but I love her completely!) My mom is a book keeper for a flooring company and my dad is a professional photographer, so I always have super cute photos!!! I have two dogs, a purebred English Bulldog named Charlie and a purebred Great Dane named Scooter. I have a cat named Liz and she is over the devil! But I love her still. 

I'm an eighteen year old girl who loves romance and can't get enough of romantic comedies or chick flicks! I love fantasy, action, adventure, and big explosions! BOOM!!!! I love all kinds of music except country and music like unto it. Reading, writing, listening to music, and playing Xbox are my passions.
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The Archmage

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Description: A year after the events in The Seeker, Akaja, Carter, Dahrame, and Kyte are in the Old Kingdom, getting Lady Dahrame set up as the new Black Fox. However, the peace they have been enjoying can't last. Scythius is on the move again and is using his p...

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Hunters of the Dark

Hunters of the Dark

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Blakely "Blake" Knyght is what is known as a Polovin Vampire, a half Vampire or created Vampire. She was...

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

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These are all the stories that I will be working on and publishing on here. The order which they are pos...

The Seeker

The Seeker

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History was lost and truths of mighty Heroes became legends. Years after the destruction of the Elder Em...

The Mysterium

The Mysterium

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Two years before the events in The Library, Kiran was running around Europe as a smuggler for the Empori...