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Is there gna be an epilogue! :D I love this story so.much! Thanks for the update!!!
Define Normal

OMG I HAD A FULL ON SCREAMING FIT! I love the thorns! I love ur books! I love you! I've lost track of how many times I've read Eva's adventures n...
Mini Series

Awww! *wipes a tear* this is an amazing moment :") I love Joe and Tristans relationship so much! I want a Tristan! No fair :P btw do we meet his...
Joey&The Rebels (offline-Bo...

Oh! so sandy likes liam too n Tristan likes Joe :P haha no one gets hurt then! BUT NOOO lets not forget!! Most of the male population are head...
Joey&The Rebels (offline-Bo...

Awwww I miss Eva and Saxon :")
Mini Series