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H. S. St. Ours lives and writes in Maryland, and is the author of the Water Worlds™ young adult science fiction adventure series, which chronicles the terraforming of the Inner Solar System as seen through the eyes of generations of young women. Seven books are planned for the series.

Young Moon, Sami and Simma are now available for sale -- in case you'd like to support this indie writer! ;) -- on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes, Google Play and in Paperback. Visit the Website for details.

Book 1 - Young Moon
Book 2 - Sami
Book 3 - Simma
Book 4 - Gen (Fall 2014)
Book 5 - Meeza (Spring 2015)
Book 6 - Kaio (Fall 2015)
Book 7 - Brin (Spring 2016)

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Gen (Water Worlds 4)

Gen (Water Worlds 4)

Science Fiction #39 / Adventure #47
4 parts / 7 pages, updated Sep 19, 2014PGPictures
Gen was angry and she knew it. Angry about her overprotective parents, angry about the way she was teased about her height, and angry about the dirt and grime that inf... read more
175 reads votes 26 comments 6
Simma (Water Worlds 3)

Simma (Water Worlds 3)

Science Fiction #71 / Adventure #84
41 parts / 95 pages, updated Aug 29, 2014PGPicturesCompleted
Simma was sure she'd never see Sami again. Sef or Glyn, either. She'd left Sami standing in the middle of the street in First Right nearly a year ago, and the boys h... read more
33,609 reads votes 968 comments 84
Sami (Water Worlds 2)

Sami (Water Worlds 2)

Science Fiction #75 / Adventure #78
23 parts / 66 pages, updated Nov 01, 2013PG-13VideoPicturesCompleted
Sami wasn’t born in the tunnels. She's traveled all over, even as far as the Northern caves beyond Eastport. Only nobodies went farther than that. Story was, there w... read more
154,702 reads votes 1,164 comments 78
Young Moon (Water Worlds 1)

Young Moon (Water Worlds 1)

Science Fiction #301 / Adventure #481
24 parts / 50 pages, updated Jul 09, 2013PGPicturesCompleted
Growing up in North Korea, in the days before her Father destroyed the world, Young Moon was happy. At least she thought she was, but that was so long ago and sh... read more
19,433 reads votes 1,065 comments 58

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Great! SF is my first true love (sorry, honey). Let's do this! :)
How to Write Science Fiction

And would be about 19 E years old when she turns 10.
Gen (Water Worlds 4)

Gen is about 18, in Earth years.
Gen (Water Worlds 4)

Thanks so much, @stringlesskite16! It's comments like these that keep me writing! :)
Simma (Water Worlds 3)

They do on Mars, @stringlesskite16!
Gen (Water Worlds 4)