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Name James (I'm Jam and I Bam)
Location Beach
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I get a space for this? COOL.
So, erm yeah I'm James but you can call me Jam (but no Jamie. Jamie sounds gay)
I'm 18 and I have a weird obsession with the letter H. Hence the HJames username.
Coffee is the best thing that was ever created in the world for me :D
Who loves mangoes? I do and oh, WOW, COD, SKYRIM and shiz like that are my favourites. I spell favourite, colour, honour, behaviour, rumour, humour, with Us cuz it looks cooler :D
The most awesome place in the world is the beach
I don't have a favourite colour cuz black is not a colour! (AMEN)
Not all blondes are dumb.
Party, Booze, Xbox is my thing. Cheers! But weirdly enough I read.
I hope to visit Asia soon :) 
I'm a friendly bastard so drop 'em cool msgs below.
And feel free to advertise your stories, i'll read them when I can.
Peace out.
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