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We DO NOT take private message requests, so please do not ask.

1. What Program do you use to make your graphics? 
- - - We use Photoshop. 
2. Someone stole something from you? 
- - - Private Message us with the link etc. 
3. Can you make me a custom thread layout? 
- - - Sorry, not at this time. 
4. J0in mY ConTEST?! 
 - - -  No. 
5. How can I become VIP? 
 - - - Gain our trust. Example: If you requested from us numerous times, and followed the rules, then you are most likely to be a VIP. 
6. How many versions of the cover will you make me? 
 - - - One 
7. When will my cover/banner be done? 
 - - - Next year. Okay, that's a joke but please do not ask us; this varies on our daily free time. We sound like broken records, since so many people asks us that.

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