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V3 http://www.wattpad.com/forums/vanilla/discussion/891663/ - premade covers

NOTE  ------------------------------------------------

We are currently only making premade covers; they are covers that are already made and ready to be used if they fit your story. :)

We DO NOT take private message requests, so please do not ask.

 FAQ ------------------------------------------------


1. What Program do you use to make your graphics? 
- - - We use Photoshop. 
2. Someone stole something from you? 
- - - Private Message us with the link etc. 
3. Can you make me a custom thread layout? 
- - - Sorry, not at this time. 
4. J0in mY ConTEST?! 
 - - -  No. 
5. I want to request a cover but I want to post my story with a cover, what can I do? 
- - - You can request ONLY if you have two chps written AND ready to post within mins of getting your cover.
6. Am I accepted/who is my cover maker?
- - - Please wait at least 1-2 days before asking this. We have different time zones and will let you know at different times! 

CUSTOM COVERS  ------------------------------------------------

Some of our other designers are making custom covers in other threads:

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