...remember, the crowd that applauds your coronation, is the same crowd that will applaud your beheading. People like a show..
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The Secret Life of a Toilet Dweller

Social data: 80.2K reads. 1.8K votes. 849 comments.

Description: Follow Satiah through her college life as she battles to tear herself away from the toilet cubicles and into the real world, stumbling through trying to find her sexuality and herself.

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Nothing Was The Same.

Nothing Was The Same.

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Just another love story. Just a nice clean, and sometimes complicated love story set in London.

The Emancipation Of Munashai

The Emancipation Of Munashai

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I smiled back up at him and I knew. I knew he would be the first man I would kill.

Barber Shop

Barber Shop

1K 17 10

Quick paced story about a barber shop in the middle of one of the busiest, yet liveliest cites, London...

GoodAssJob posted a message

@young_simba I sent you my Tumblr. I am the worst camera man, I was so hyped- but enjoy the good videos I got !

young_simba posted a message to GoodAssJob

@GoodAssJob them ones where the crowd is somewhat stagnant and you're screaming on behalf of all of them sigh #concertlyf 
looool man lykkkk. swear you're about that trap life i wasn't aware that's what you were giving them *pauses* na but i'm actually deeping it. 4 hours you know. ite kl set me your tumblr immediately i'm oh sooo jel

strawberryxswing posted a message to GoodAssJob

@GoodAssJob biiitttccchhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!! You were so fucking close I can't! I'm jamming to your videos right now, wtf I'm so mad he didn't tour here (wireless doesn't count) because I was so ready to be graced with his presence. & I live for his visionary streams of consciousness (caught the snippet you posted) 

GoodAssJob posted a message

@young_simba Pusha performed so many songs!! But the Aussies don't know him that well, so I was screaming and shouting along. Talking about how I sell drugs and he looked at 3 TIMES. LIKE LEGIT HELD EYE CONTACT. He got whipped at first sight 
It was so amazing, I need to go to another concert!

He did t perfom white dress :( or I'm in it, which is what I was looking forward to most. But the fact that it was 4 hour I won't even complain. Eveytime he left the stage we would should "yezzus" until he came back on lol baba like perfection. He was s&m happy aswell, like with life and eveything. Amazing man. 

P.s. He said he's gonna move his family out to Australia 

GoodAssJob posted a message

@strawberryxswing I've uploaded some of the good videos I managed to get. 
I was so close to him!
I have bruises around my ribs from when I was noshing with this group of big men. It was amazing, honestly fill like nice been touched my God himself. I defo wanna go to one of his concerts again!!

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TD (Part 1) as promised has been uploaded, Power next!