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IMPORTANT: Any stories with this symbol (*) before the title, that means that the story is being continued on my other account and will be posted on this one once I have finished and edited the story. Sorry for the inconvenience.

IMPORTANT (Part 2): My other account is BlondieWontbeBlonde. Check it out cause that's where all the unedited stories will be. Once I finish them, I will post the stories here, but that might be a while!
Writer's Block: When your imaginary friends won't talk to you.

I hate writing about myself. I mean, why write your whole life story in a little box that appears on your page for anyone and everyone to read?
At that point you will gain a weird, creepy stalker and then things just get so awkward cause they're like "Hey! I read that you live in X Town. Guess what? ME TOO!!! Omg we should go hang out at the library. Or we could go see a movie. YAY! And you can tell me more about that fascinating story of your childhood. I mean I know that you grew up in Y Town and that you moved here to X Town just a couple weeks ago. I found that out on your facebook page because your Wattpad profile connected to it. Oh, and I friended your mom on Facebook. I hope that's okay with you."
See what I mean? Creepy. Very creepy.

Hey. Hey you. Yeah you. The one reading this. You know what you should do? You should read one of my stories. Yeah. You should. You really should. Then you should vote and leave me a comment. That would be great. But only if you want to of course. But I really encourage it. Cause it would make me feel great. Go read one of my stories. No? Come on, please? Go on. Why are you still reading this? Shouldn't you be reading my stories. Okay, yes, I did tell you it was a choice. But guess what? I lied. You need to be reading my stories instead of reading this. Okay, now shoo! Go! Go on! No? Really? Why are you still here? Go away and read my stories and leave me with votes and comments. Thank you!


By Definition

By Definition

2 pages, updated Aug 06, 2013PG-13Completed
Definition /ˌdefəˈniSHən/ Noun: 1)A statement of the exact meaning of a word, esp. in a dictionary. 2)An exact statement or description of the nature, scope, or meaning of s... read more
19 reads votes 2 comments 1
The Bubble

The Bubble

1 page, updated Jul 19, 2013GCompleted
Before she was taken into the Bubble, Lindsey used to live with the rest of the world. She used to live with her parents and her siblings. She had friends and a family, until t... read more
5 reads votes 0 comments 0
Penny For Your Thoughts?

Penny For Your Thoughts?

13 parts / 4 pages, updated Jul 16, 2013G
"Years ago, I found a box of letters sitting on my doorstep. I have learned a lot about love and life from those letters, and I hope you will to. It only tak... read more
131 reads votes 2 comments 2


5 parts / 9 pages, updated Jun 12, 2013PG
At the age of thirteen, Cara Williams was diagnosed with cancer. So far, she has spent all of her teenage years in the hospital, leaving her alone except for her nurse, Allison. Over... read more
197 reads votes 4 comments 1
*Tainted Souls

*Tainted Souls

3 pages, updated Jan 19, 2013PG
"Ah, Ms. Bianca Camille White, such a pure and innocent name." "Who are you? How do you know my name?" "I'm Death. I know everything, and I've come ... read more
35 reads votes 0 comments 0


2 pages, updated Dec 29, 2012PG-13
To her peers, Sammy is dark and mysterious. She's the girl with all the piercings who always wears dark clothes. The one who dyed her hair an unnatural color. The one who supposedly... read more
23 reads votes 0 comments 0

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