The Things about me:
                                  1. I am a very shy person.
                                  2. I absolutely have a passion for writing stories and sometimes poems.
                                  3. I'm a Sims Freak!
                                  4. I have trust issues with guys sometimes >.> (no offence to you boys)
                                  5. Hopefully, I will achieve my goal of becoming an author one day ^-^.
                                  6. Most of the times I'm pretty boring to hang around our talk to because I don't know what to say.
                                  7. Love reading!
                                  8. I have  DEEP SECRET O.o
                                  9. I'm a virgin and proud ;) (**** you sluts!)
                                 10. I'm a true friend...whenever you need me, I'm there for you.<3333333333333
                                 11. I hate the people that are against gays,lesbians, and bisexuals. DON'T BE SO JUDGE MENTAL!!!!!! >:O
                                 12. I draw anime, I'm alright at it :).
                                  13. I REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY LOVE WEREWOLVES, VAMPIRES AND BLOOD-ELVES!!!!!!!!!!.
                                 14. Play WoW (World of Warcraft) oh yeah! ;)
                                 15. I hate school.
                                 16. I'm 14.
      My Quote: True friendship is when two friends can walk in opposite directions, yet remain side by side
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Description: Six teenagers, Alex, Rena, Jacob, April, Jessica, and Mike all have issues at home, with people, or themselves. They've made some mistakes, but is it too late to fix it? Will one of these teens just give up on life? Find out and read.

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