To anyone who read my work, I'm sorry for not providing you with a finished story. To anyone who is a fan, I'm ten times as sorry. It's not fair to you to become invested in certain characters and storylines without knowing how they end. Honestly I probably will never finish any of my stories. I don't care for how Ashton grows into a great kind of boyfriend or how Angie falls out of love with Brent. I don't care about my stories - so you shouldn't ether.  I'm sorry for any time you've wasted on me and i hope you waste no more time on me and rather focus your attention on those brilliant authors of Wattpad that have the decency to actually commit to their writing.

Some of the best-written (in my opinion) and completed/ constantly updated works include:

She's Bad News, Playing Evelyn, Bitter Kisses, Breaking Glass, and A Wonderful Fortuitous Love.
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Mr. Perfect (Under Construction - almost complete)

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'LINK TO [R] RATED (5042 Reads, 68 votes, 29 comments)

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He was violent, the school's ugly fat pervert, and almost everyone avoided him. He looked disgusting and...



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He was hateful and cruel, the school's ugly pervert, and almost everyone avoided him. He looked disgusti...

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