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My name is Alexis, friends call me Alex or Al, or really whatever they like. I'm 20 years old though at times have the mindset of a little kid. 
I'm kinda crazy! But that just makes me all the more fun to be around.. I think.
I love to read and write!
I'm contemplating posting a story..
I talk to myself quite a lot, I think I might be insane but I'm okay with it. 
I sing out loud a lot, not well i feel compelled to add. 
Uhh hmm PANDAS are my most favorite... 
They are white black and Asian!! Woo. 
I babble a lot, say to much when people ask me their opinion. BUT overall I think I'm a pretty nice decent person.. so long as you don't piss me off :)

Love is a disease in which there is no cure...




2 parts / 4 pages, updated Oct 28, 2012PG-13
I'm TERRIBLE at descriptions ^_^" ~~~~~~ Jezebell Black might appear to be a normal teenager to anyone who doesnt know the real story, which no one does... but on the inside... read more
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Almost Gone (Book Two)Almost True (Book One) [Completed]

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No no intoxicated Seth mind yourself! Monica isn't the end game!! Monica needs to go eat a cracker and leave Seth be... I mean I like her, but...
Almost Gone (Book Two)

Holy French toast sticks, this was exciting! You've given me hope! I literally jumped up outa my bed and danced around.... Needless to say, I...
Almost Gone (Book Two)

Almost Gone (Book Two)

Well you did an exceptional job from that aspect! I do feel a little better, kinda sick but in an excited way! Haha:)

:D holy face!! Thanks for the update!!
Almost Gone (Book Two)