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Description: Looking for a TV Series or a Movie that has good lesbian characters and a good plot? Great, because this is the perfect thing to read if you're looking for a list that has names and links for what you want to watch. This is the book you want to get...

I have  a newly written story about the libero in the girls volleyball team and the freestyle swimmer that she's crushing on. College setting and varsity sports. I'm new in wattpad, old in ffnet and fpcom. Its in my profile :) check it out!
Hey Guys!
Check out my stories! One is Popstar in disguise! 

It's about a famous singer that disguises herself as a student and tries to live a normal life.What she didn't know was that a life of a student might not be perfect with bullies around.

One day when Jane Smith discovered that Moon was 'THE' Diana Leanne Moon she was shocked.

Would she keep her secret and be friends with the Popstar? 
Or tell the whole school, the whole world.

Who she really is.