What can I tell you about myself? I'm just some awkward girl who found company in books. Just a hopeless romantic hidden in a shell of randomness and sarcasm. I'm an artist, or at least I'd like to believe that I am. I play guitar, draw and write. I'm not half bad at acting and my voice is alright, I guess.  I'm insecure, but have very strong opinions and love to argue. I used to want to be an architect, but then I was all like: 'who am I kidding? I can't be anything but a writer'. And so I'm here again. Perhaps one day I'll have the courage to publish something here...
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Description: Have you ever had a nightmare? Have you ever had a dream? You must have. Everybody does. Except them. They don't dream, but they create dreams. They don't have nightmares, but they fight them. Just who are they? Dream Catchers.

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Just thoughts

Just thoughts

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The title says it all. This where just thoughts that came to me in a car ride when I was feeling particu...

The more I looked at my piece, the more I liked it. The lines were soft in some places, but rough in others, where the muscles were more distinct or there was a sharp detail like the outline of his p...
Actually, although I thought the same at the beginning, I have a teacher that says you get to the point where you are actually comfortable with your work and you value your abilities.
GioJara98 commented on Up in the Air - Chapter 22

I shall dedicate the next chapter to the person who can give me the BEST reason/s why Sara should end up with Daniel (and no Julian bashing, please). 
I feel that people forget easily the fact that Daniel is more than just the perfect gentleman. We are talking about the first guy that ever told Sara he liked her. And yeah, Julian is the bad boy, supposedly, but even with all that, he never had the guts to reveal his feelings. My heart breaks for him, cause he's adorable, and he'd give so much to be with her. But a relationship is based on trust, and if you tell me that Daniel isn't trustworthy, then I don't know who is. Some call Daniel boing, but I don't understand how someone so blunt and direct could be boring. Of course their relationship is fluffy, that's the way things tend to be when they begin. And what's so wrong about feeling comfortable? This is a girl who has never quite felt comfortable in her skin, despite her beauty, wit, and dedication, she has never felt enough thanks to the way Nate treated her in the beginning of the book. Daniel is the boy who she felt comfortable being with. Most of us readers, being socially awkward, desire to find a boy like him, because it's what we need: someone to call us beautiful everyday, to make us feel beautiful. Daniel is that guy. 
      However I do understand where Julian lovers come from, it's darn fun to watch them when they're together. And I do feel that maybe she could end up with her. But he took too long, and I'm not sure I want them to be together. But if they do end up together, I hope Daniel doesn't get hurt. And I hope he gets his own love story.