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Hello, there! 

My name is Reggina. Gina, for short.


I like chocolate, the smell of books, good music, friendly strangers, everything Harry
Potter, roller-coasters, witty people, beaches, dogs, shoes, coloured markers, guitars, random facts, fictional characters,
monkeys, the way the rain feels on your face, books, ball games, glasses, pretty hairstyles, horses, card games, sausages,
comics, theatre & fine arts, charades, beautiful eyes, notebooks, the stars, sitcoms, shampoo, smiles, love,
laughter and awesomeness.

You know that feeling when you laugh until you're gasping for air, when your sides
hurt so much, but it's the good kind of pain? When your eyes are crinkled and you have the hugest smile on your face? When your eyes are bright and filled with so much joy that they're sometimes glistening with tears? That is, without a doubt, my favourite feeling.

I'm currently in high school right now, having the time of my young life, without a thought
of what I want to do in the future. Something involving writing, for sure. Psychology interests me as well. Being able to read people like how I read books, it just seems
so magical. Of course, there's this other part of me who wants to be a superhero, but I'll work on that later.


I eat, breathe and live Harry Potter. Seriously. Just thought you should know.


Music is also a huge part of my life. If writing doesn't work out for me, music is definitely where I would turn. Music and books have got me through my whole life. They're my best friends, always there to celebrate with me in times of happiness, and in times of sadness, to provide comfort. 


"When you feel like giving up, remember why you held on for so long in the first place"

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