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I had the most epic 'Sherlock' moment in History class the other day. This girl in my class asks our teacher if some randoms in English History were hung. And my teacher replies 'They weren't hung, they were HANGED.'


Has anyone else noticed the growing epidemic of people saying 'lol'? No, I don't mean when you're texting a friend and you make a sarcastic and witty comment about the amount of times that Rory has died on Doctor Who and they reply with 'lol, so true bro.' That's fine and perfectly normal behaviour (But really. How many times does that guy have to die!)

What I'm talking about is in an actual conversation. As in, I'm in English talking to one of my friends when someone makes a sudden remark about the coolness of fezzes and someone else across the opposite side of the room yelling back, stating how bowties are cooler. And then, before you know it, instead of actually laughing out loud, your best friend and Doctor Who fanatic has announced 'LOL!'

And then everyone starts saying it! On the bus! In the library! When you're walking home! On the phone! In your cupboard (though you have no idea how people in Narnia got to know of it), the point is, it's spread like the plague!

And then disaster strikes: You're in sport, you throw a ball, it lands, far, far, FAR away from it's target. You can feel the laughter bubbling in your throat, it's going to be let out, AND THEN...



*Lets out a string of swear words*



... How pathetic am I? I'm ranting about a three letter word...

... lol.


Oh yeah, and I'm also on fanfiction.net. You can read my stories here http://www.fanfiction.net/~oblivioustotheobvious
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