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♥96% of teens won't stand up for God. Put this in your profile if you're one of the 4% that will. (I'm part of the  4% that will)
10% Serious
20% Silly
30% Crazy
40% Protective
50% Studious
60% Happy 
70% Reader
80% Swimmer
90% Love 
100% Writter 
Hello,I'm Elizabeth.
I'm in my early teens. My stories are all unedited besides Hopelessly in Love, The Last Chapter, and Love never Dies.
Favorite Famous People: Taylor Swift,Katy 
Perry,One Direction, Emma Roberts, Carrie 
Underwood,Kelly Clarkson, Demi Lavato, P!nk Selena Gomez, 

Favorite Movie: 27 dresses 
Favorite Book: Pride and Prejudice 
Favorite Activitys: Reading,writing,hanging 
with my BFFS,swimming 
Dislikes:  Tests
Winter, Homework
Likes:  Raymond :-), My BFFS, Dessert, 
Sleep,Watching romance movies, being 
awesome, Marching Band,
Things you should know about me:
I am a Teenager and a hopeless romantic, I 
love mysteries, and Flutes are Awesome!

All my work is copyrighted, All plots, ideas, prologues, characters belong to me. The Law is on my side so don't plagiarize my work.
© Copyrighted 2012
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READ MORE BOOKS. I can't stress that enough. You need a better cover. Also, please use paragraphs. It seems as if their is no plot, the story...
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I thought it was interesting and I liked the cliffhanger at the end :)
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great character descriptions and details
The Runaways

I really like this story so far. I love it :)
The Runaways

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