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if you like my writting, thats alright, if you dont like them, then dont read it, i dont need anyones unwanted crap on my stuff

thats about it, want to know anything else, just ask and maybe i will answer

I enjoy history, you will know when you read some of my books, I know that you may be saying "What the hell is so important about history", well smart ass', if you dont know anything about it, then your freaking doomed to repeat it, so shut the hell up and learn it!

Here are some sayings
Truly the ones who make history are the ones who dont know or dont want to achieve it

If you fall down once, get back up, if you fall down twice, get back up twice, fall down a thousand times, get up a thousand times, just keep getting up

If you cant run, jog, if you cant jog, walk, if you cant walk, crawl, if you cant crawl, roll, if you cant roll, imagine your doing all of the above, keep going and dont stop and most certainly dont give up

The only thing you can do after youve failed is get up, dust yourself off and get the hell over it, thats why its called trial and error


5 things you should do when getting a tattoo

5 things you should do when getting a tattoo

1 page, updated Apr 25, 2011Completed
Follow these rules to awesomeness!
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Surviving in Zombieworld

Surviving in Zombieworld

8 parts / 10 pages, updated Mar 20, 2011PG-13
Welcome to my world Try not to die in it
3,213 reads votes 43 comments 28
A Flare for survival

A Flare for survival

1 page, updated Jan 01, 2011
74 reads votes 1 comments 0

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