I'm a simple person... well actually i'm full of contraditions. I'm a very carin person who will listen to you any day amd help you out, but I won't hesitate to kick you're ass. I love spicy aisan food, but I will jump at the change for a mikky ds burger (no cheese). I'm a good natured christan girl though! And I love to write about Naruto characters! My twin and I run the Black Rose Publishing team, we have some members on quizilla. Yeah, it rules. Roller coasters, scary movies, gotta love em! The one thing I'm afraid of though is the dark. Which is ironic given my mild goth state. oh well, we can't all be steriotypes!
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All Who Know, A Mended Heart

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Description: Sometimes the things we think we can handle given enough time are the things that no one should have to handle, and we don't realize how much damage they actually do to our hearts. There is a reason I fear having a family of my own. It's because I d...

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In Sickness And Health ~Shikamaru~

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Forevermore ~Gaara~

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The First Part Last ~Naruto Fan-fic~

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Minari has been training since she was five with many different people. Her adventures have lead her to...

Freedom ~Gaara~

Freedom ~Gaara~

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