Stephen was born in the town of Orange, in Australia.
      He is married with 3 children. At age 38 he began to realize a need to 'do something.' With limited time to explore the more adventurous interests in life, he decided to pursue writing, thinking that his research and stories would take him to worlds he could not physically travel to.
      This journey has taken him into different genres and writing forms, including poetry.
      Check out my ebooks on smashwords, ibooks, kobo, etc
      Like my Polar Bear?
      Interests: Beach, swimming, snorkeling, cooking, bush walking, music, Formula 1 racing, traveling, movies, reading (and now writing)
      Not so interesting: chores, paying the bills.
      Favorite foods: Chocolate, berries, ice cream and Thai Food
      My Dog: is a Shiba Inu
      Music Quote: 'Forfeit the game, before somebody else, takes you out of the frame, and puts your name to shame, cover up your face, you can't run the race, the pace is to fast, you just won't last!' (Linkin Park) 
      Write stories in a lot of different categories
      Not to keep count of how many pieces I write, but always trying to improve my writing.
      Poetry #13
      Thriller #3
      Sci-Fi #7
      Mystery/Suspense #8
      see you on the next page.....
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Depth Charge - illuminations

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Description: For years, man has looked to the sky to find out if life from other worlds really exists, if we are not alone. The answer is a solid yes, but, we were looking the wrong way! Unbeknownst to us, we had already made contact, but did not know what we we...


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Depth Charge - red earth

Depth Charge - red earth

6.9K 606 69

Humans new beginning on planet Mars is now history. Ryan Foster and Becky Pearson are searching for answ...



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Detective Inspector Mitch Taylor is investigating a series of murders along with CSI agent Angel Morgan...

The Hospital Murders

The Hospital Murders

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Atty Awards 2012, a poetry collection

Atty Awards 2012, a poetry collection

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Funkysteve commented on CIRCULAR CRIME - Epilogue

Hi, thanks for all the votes and for reading, so glad you liked it. I have started another Mitch Taylor novel, but still have a long way to go. You'll find it in my writing list - the hospital murders. Thanks again :)
Psychrosis posted a message to Funkysteve
no problem. it was such a good story. it reminded of the sci fi stories during the 90's. and voting is the best way to show our appreciation to writers who share their stories for free.