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well those people who are rude and have nouthing better to do then put others down they should be ashamed of themselves and I can bet none of them even know how to write I've read about 95% of the werewolf storys on wattpad and this is one of my top ten and I'm always looking to see if there's a new chapter on please don't let the Debbie downers of this world put you off you have a talent don't let get the better of you just because they don't have talent  its a great story and has a great story line and to those of you out there that dont like the story just don't read it and let the ones that are enjoying reading read it PLEASE DON'T LET SMALL MINDED , RUDE , UNGREATFULL , MISGIDED , BORED PEOPLE GET TO YOU , they don't mater you have lots of people behind you that are waiting for you to put two fingers up to the hates I honestly think they have nouthing better to do with there time but to put others down I for one pity them my dad always says if you have nouthing nice to say don't say anything at all    just like to say one more thing  I LOVE THIS BOOK CAN'T WAIT FOR YOU TO START WRITING IT THEN UPLOADING IT YOU GOT TALENT AND SHOULD NOT WASTE IT