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My Father,  he was once an Amish man, taught me to love reading. Have written a couple of books, tho not published, like most writers I'm always starting another! Oftentimes even before I've finished the first one. Always holding out hope of getting published one day.  To keep writer's block at bay and to as they say, "find eternal youth," I keep busy by  being a CERT Trainer, Traffic Enforcement  Officer, playing with my doggies, encouraging my Mum who's just recovering from cancer, annoying my hubby, and of course reading lots of books and stories. A huge fan of Norse Mythology, King Arthur and, surprise Twilight, but will read just about anything I can get my hands on.  If I can get my "turn" on Xbox, I like playing RPG games since I am basically everyone's "bullet sponge" standing off in a corner unable to play shooting games. (Have been known to fall off cliffs in RPG's!)   The stories and writer's on here have made going to Barnes & Noble a thing of the past for me. Their writing & helping each other is wonderful! Thank you!
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This is a great story! I stayed up late just to finish it, hope there's more to come...It's a good angle, keep up the great storyline! Thanks.
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Hello, I hope you continue. It does get upsetting when ideas get "used" but take it as a compliment, I've read this story a couple of times & I'm...
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