Some of my books are for mature readers only (18+) and have scenes not suited for children.  So, if you are under the age of 18 I suggest you check out my pg-13 content, but leave the other books alone.

Just enjoy and never stop reading. ❤


I SURVIVED THE WITCH IS ON AMAZON http://www.amazon.com/dp/B008YGQ7MW (complete version if you don't want to wait - no background videos)

I SURVIVED THE BRUTE IS ON AMAZON http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00KUFD2UU this is the full book of you don't want to wait for updates.


Like a story? Want to know when it will be updated? Posted by:

Mother: September 8th
I Survived the Brute: August 28th, September 2nd, 5th
Horrific: At 150 votes or August 30th

I will update a story at least two times a week, possibly three.




I Survived:
1. I Survived the Witch
2. I Survived the Brute
3. I Survived the Whip (In Production)
4. I Survived the Challenger (Final Book)

The Returning:
1. VamZombie WereWitch Girl and Demon Boy
2. Mother


The Human:
1. The Human Xenocide (on @Lammalord)
2. The Human Retaliation
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Description: [Mature Content] Vampires and Werewolves are coming back, they are appearing everywhere after a near extinction and no one can find the mysterious one all of them call Mother. Mother is strong, wise, unforgiving, and a demon of her own sorts. It's...

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I Survived The Brute [#2] [Follow Freelove to Read]

I Survived The Brute [#2] [Follow Freelove to Read]

11K 278 43

[MUST BE A FOLLOWER TO READ PRIVATE CHAPTERS] ----- I escaped her, only to run into my own demise. It...

Horrific Short Stories

Horrific Short Stories

5.5K 153 21

Horror One-Shots and freestyle. Don't be afraid, take a look... if you dare.

Inside the Mind of a Male

Inside the Mind of a Male

14K 125 52

This journal was created to explore and reveal what I as a guy think - this will often follow along with...

VamZombie WereWitch Girl and Demon Boy ✓

VamZombie WereWitch Girl and Demon Boy ✓

35.4K 746 44

[Mature Content] A lustful monster, Clarine, struggles with her inability to reproduce her own kind. In...

FreeLove posted a message

Sorry all about no promised updates, turned out friends wanted to go "adventure" during the remainder of my summer break, therefore I simply had no time to write, and when I was back home I was busy with friends hanging out and didn't have alone time to write.  Now that the semester resumed I should have more personal time to write while people leave me alone.  

I feel really bad not writing and I was doing so well over 3 months to not miss an update, then just now I missed an entire month.  For some reason I thought more time off would mean more time to write, but it just meant everyone that didn't go home for the break clustered in my room not giving me the free time to write.

I really need to get back to writing and plan to try my best to resume the same writing schedule I had during the last semester.

FreeLove posted a message

Off vacation, I'll update timetables for posting.

sorry, but apparently I was doing vacationing kind things during the vacation so I didn't even touch my computer for the two weeks, that means no update spam like I promised :(  Will continue regular updates starting in 3 days.

Twankiie posted a message to FreeLove

Saw your short horror story anthology as a suggestion for me. Added it. Then saw your display picture. Just wanted to say that I love your pic. Made me smile. Have a good vacation!

FreeLove posted a message

Sorry, I'm going to miss the update on I Survived for the 25th.  Very busy working on Mother and preparing for 10 day vacation and flight back to America to visit with my family.