Hello everyone! Okay, things you guys need to know about me.

* I love writing and plan to do other works outside of fanfiction (if I ever get the chance).

* I love to read books a LOT.

* I'm in college so I won't be able to update as often as I can since homework, papers and crazy schedules.

* I love to listen to music: Hey Monday, Painc! At the Disco, Paramore, Linkin Park, Evanscence, Boys Like Girls, All Time Low, Mayday Parade, David Archuleta, Pink, Varsity Fanclub, The Veronicas, Marianas Trench, etc.  

* I love helping people so you can message me if you want to talk about anything since I plan to be a psychologist.

* I love to do the following: Photography, Writing, Drawing/Sketching, Painting, Helping others, Reading, Walking and Hiking along with Biking. 

# I won't be able to update often!

# Will stop writing a story depending whether or not people actually enjoy the story!

# After the latest stories of Twilight are complete, I WILL work on my original stories! 


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An Unexpected Beginning (Sequel to Bella's Secret)

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Description: Isabella and Edward Cullen couldn't have been happier with the start of their new lives. But when something unexpected happens to Bella, the threat of her life hangs in the balance. When things couldn't have been worse a new threat comes threatening...

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Learning to Love (Sequel to Yet To Be Loved)

Learning to Love (Sequel to Yet To Be Loved)

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It’s been two years since Edward and Bella were engaged then married. Enjoying their marriage so far...

Bella's Secret

Bella's Secret

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17-year old Bella Swan moves to Forks, Washington after her transformation as a newborn vampire. Upon he...

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Haunted Past

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When Edward left her, Bella’s world fell apart. The only thing that was keeping her alive was her two...



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ALL HUMAN! Bella Swan is the most unpopular girl at her school. Everyone hates her—her once best frien...


I'm sure that some of you are still waiting for the update of the chapters. Sorry about it being almost three months since my last update. I am still currently working on the Learning to Love chapter. AUB is done I just have to type it onto my computer. So yeah. I'll be working on the chapters later today after I finish my math homework. 

Just wait a little longer. Thanks though. :)
Forsaken_Shadow commented on Venomous - 3:- Once Upon A Time

Okay the story is interesting. The only thing is that there isn't really a lot of details or interaction. I don't really see any character development. Another thing is you have run-on sentences; too many. I know "we should know their character" but we still need that character development. Especially if you plan on changing their personality to fit your story. There is also grammar issues so before publishing edit your chapters. I know we don't always see them right away but find the most common. You can edit the story once you're done but it still helps to find those errors before publishing.