There's changes afoot at your friendly neighbourhood ForbiddenPlanet. As you know we're already pretty active in the Wattpad community, with our now legendary Sci-Fi SmackDowns, but we want to take things to the next level!

Each month, we will release Tevun-Krus-- ForbiddenPlanet's monthly SciFi EZine. Why Tevun-Krus, you ask? Well, it happens to be Vulcan for "month". We here at ForbiddenPlanet all agree that there is nothing more science fiction than a science fiction monthly titled by the pointy-eared ones themselves (no offense, Spock). 

Each month, we will pick a sub-genre of SciFi and pack it full of all sorts of goodies--author interviews, short stories, technical advice, and more! 

The best part? We want YOU to be a part of it! If you ever have a recommendation for an article, topic, story, or just how to make TK better, we want to know! The goal of TK is to get us all involved as Wattpad's SciFi community!

The good ship ForbiddenPlanet has an all new crew, too.

@AngusEcrivain - el jefe/SFSD Master

@parishsp - In charge of other stuff

Other genre-specific accounts you should check out!

@Dark_Dimensions          @MotherHorror

@magical_realms              @KingdomOfFantasy

@FrozenInTime                  @ActionRing

Congratulations to @elveloy , SFSD 7.0 champion! Check out his superlative winning entry, right here! http://www.wattpad.com/story/14004668-star-clash-sfsd7-winner
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SF Sub-Genre Definitions

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Description: Are you a budding sci-fi author? Do you need the many different sub genres of SF defined? A lot of people do so if you're one of them... this is where you need to look!

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