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Well Name is Di short for something but everyone calls me Di.
I really didn't expect to find wattpad but it ended up finding me when I was searching through apps on my phone and then I put it on Ipad, both were dead once so I got on my laptop. I read a book called 'surprise surprise I guess this makes me your wife' by beabee and It got me thinking about writing my own story. My first ever story is Broken Macaroni. Honestly I didn't think it would do that well but it surprised me and scales the charts...falling back but also climbing as well.
I really enjoy reading peoples comments on any of my stories..and trust me I read them all. I get alerts on my phone so when someone comments or fans I get alerts and as soon as I get my hands on a computer I check it out. So I read them lol.
Im a Vans person :D, I even have a pair of lime green ones!!!
Im really sarcastic so if I come off mean I really don't mean it so don't take it that way.
I hate when people are upset with anything and I try everything to help them.
OuO I have a goldfish named LUPE!!! and a cat named odie :D. and other animals that are shared O_O.
Ok so my addiction to which im cutting down on is the Sims...IKR awesome lol.
OOOh....Favortie color is Lime Green and Yellow.
Its is so freaking hot in Texas!!! 102 today.
I love peanut butter and scrambled eggs. (sounds gross but its not)
I  can be a huge procrastinator :( sadly it is true.
I break out in random songs all the time and make up new songs about whats going on.
Everyother saturday I will not post due to race schedule :( lol. ITs only one night though.
I think thats everything, well I think thats everything. Ever want to know anything else just ask in the comment thingy below. :D.


Broken Macaroni

Broken Macaroni

40 parts / 57 pages, updated Aug 29, 2013PGVideo
Early in life macy recieved the question every girl in summer cantel high would lover to hear. Tucker carson had asked her to marry him.....Too bad they were in elementary ... read more
48,314 reads votes 651 comments 275
Happy endings only happen in books....but this is life.

Happy endings only happen in books....but this is life.

9 parts / 19 pages, updated Sep 18, 2011PG
What happens when the schools "it boy for no reason" and the schools almost nobody girl share a secret that only they know about an... read more
1,780 reads votes 85 comments 56

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No problem you deserved it :D kept telling me to update lol!
Broken Macaroni

i can but idk if anyones still reading it
Broken Macaroni

let me know what u think PLZ :D
Broken Macaroni

Angels?! Ive never read a story about them yet but I really liked this one so I might not be able to say that anymore :). Really good job. O O ...
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