HEY SEXIEE! Yes, I'm talking to you.
      You came to read about me, huh? Creep much. 
      Name -
      Age -
       Old enough for you ;) 
      Description - 
       Long blonde hair and blue eyes . I look great in a cowboy hat <3 
       Single, just try to change that ;)
       Straight . Nothing against the LGBT Community - support! 
       I am a strange child who craves bacon . ALL THE TIME .  
       Uhh . . . I don't know what else to say, so fan me and get to know me! 
       Please check out my story, it would mean a lot XD 
      Amazing People - 
       - He's just awesome, and he calls me sweetie pie <3
       - Amazing friend, great to talk to, will be hyper with me, and we are opening a coffee shop together!
      I love to talk, so go fan me and message me whenever :D 
      I FAN BACK! 
      Os quiero a todos! 
      (Spanish for 'I love you all!')
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    Waiting for you :D
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    3 years ago

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Description: Adreana Scott. Always the good girl. Excellent grades, perfect life, strict parents. May as well be a piece of wallpaper. Or so she has been told, by her friends and family. One summer can change that. A summer of latte’s, sunsets, short shorts, bes...