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Hey people of Earth! (or wherever you may be from) Flaming Valdez here! And as you probably already guessed, I Love Leo!! I'm also really obsessed with PJO and HoO. That's all I ever think about! (well that and dancing bananas . . .)
So, I guess I'll share some things about me with you so that you at least know that the book you're reading wasn't written by a complete psychopath. (well not complete) 
So here are some things you should know about me . . .
I'm 14 years old.
I have really dark brown hair and green eyes with a hint of blue and orange (pretty cool right?).
I love reading! <3
I'm completely obsessed with PJO and HoO! So, I need to take a dose of Percy Jackson two times a day.
I'm a drummer!
I'm the biggest environmental freak EVER!! Go trees!
My favorite color is dark green.
My godly parent would be Hermes, no matter how lame that sounds . . .
I have an older sister who I love to annoy to the highest extent, which pretty much means until she smacks me
Fire is the hottest element (Get it? Hottest? Oh never mind . . .)
I like to make everyone happy. Including myself. And you will probably never see me upset for longer than 10 minutes. I have an amazing ability to bounce back from any depressing emotions : p.
Everyone who has read HoO says that I'm exactly like Leo Valdez. And I do take this as a compliment.
Vanilla is the finest of the flavors.
My house would be Ravenclaw.
I like zebras. Hehe.
Invader Zim will always be my favorite show!
I like to run track.
I HATE country music! I'm sorry but I don't want every song I listen to be about beer and tractors. Rock is my jam!
I think nigahiga is HILARIOUS!
I've been told that I talk . . . A LOT! And that I'm really ADHD. Yeah, I have issues.
I love the quote: Explaining a joke is like disecting a frog . . . you understand it better, but the frog dies.
So, I think you get the jist of me. Oh and in case you didn't already figure it out . . . LEO WILL ONE DAY RULE THE WORLD AND ALL U LEO HATERS WILL BE SORRY!
; )


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