Status: Faith is coming, that I know, Time is running, got to go!! 30STM..The Echleon, the greates fan base to be known :3 (6 months ago)


Name Fadilah
Location Trinidad
Birthday Dec 10
Member Since Jan 20, 2012
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Haii hii :3

My rents labelled me Fadilah...incased you missed it up there ^^^ its pronounced like Vanilla :D

I'm 19 years young!! :D 

Everyone lies...dont lie about it!!

If you lie then imma slap yew!! but then again...that might be animal abuse O.o

I hate doing these things -_- I'd rather slap you but shit splatters :P

Sorry i'm being mean but trust me i'm really a nice person :D ...not that shy really...i'm almost batshit crazy. I love doing dares too...there's never been a dare that i passed on. So Dare Me!! :D 

Yes I am a proudly obsessed with Supernatural :3

I will forever and always be a part of the Echleon :3 :D <3

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The Boy Who Saved Me (Marcel Styles)Because of you

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@firetongue whatever. and thats how blind you are :P
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Hurry up and finish the damn story!!! and stop eating my skittles woman :P
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