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Orpheus Rising

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Description: Nothing changes. Ever. She sits at the piano playing the same song. Dead rose petals always skirt about the room. The mirror on the wall never speaks... until one day, it does.

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Archie Smith: Boy Wonder

Archie Smith: Boy Wonder

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I think the biggest issue with the English language is that we have only one word for love. "I love you". "I love my baby." "I love the rain." "I love lamp". 
And I think when we find that word, we overuse it and put it in places that it really doesn't belong in. Then it loses all meaning, to the point where I love you as much as I love lamp.
NaNoWriMo is coming up which means yet another on of my books is going to hit somewhere in the 50k for word count. So who will it be this year?
Sadly, I don't know...
Which bothers me. Because this year, I want to write 50k of a novel that I won't end up totally hating. That's what happened with my very first NaNo, it's what happened to Death Eaters, and it sort of happened to Through Struggle, though with that one, I at least feel that all the material is usable.
So for this year, I wanted to do some kind of outline so as not to get sidetracked and to have an actual goal and plot to work with. But since I have no idea which book I'll b doing, I'll probably be ad-libbing it again. Not cool.
But we will see.
Since I have a basic plotline (in my head at least) for Orpheus Rising figured out, I may choose to do that one. Like I said: we will see.
Chapter Two of "Orpheus Rising" is up.

My updates are slow because of the move (as stated below) as well as all the careful, meticulous plotting involved with this story. This is no haphazard adventure. This is a mystery full of secrets and plot twists and turns. So it is rather hard work to keep in order.

As a secondary note: because of publishing issues as presented in Yuffie's How To ( http://www.wattpad.com/32508668-yuffie%27s-writing-how-to%27s-on-posting-writing ) I am keeping all future chapters marked as private, meaning only my followers and I can read it. Just an FYI to anyone passing through.

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