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Orpheus Rising

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Description: Nothing changes. Ever. She sits at the piano playing the same song. Dead rose petals always skirt about the room. The mirror on the wall never speaks... until one day, it does.

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Archie Smith: Boy Wonder

Archie Smith: Boy Wonder

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Yes, a very, very slow reveal. It is rather hard not to reveal things in this story. Thank you, thank you! I love your comments. :3 I do plan on making it rather long. Not sure how long yet, but definitely a short novel at the least. Yes, keep speculating. Build the suspense. You'll figure it out eventually.

Firebender_Zeke posted a message

Chapter Two of "Orpheus Rising" is up.

My updates are slow because of the move (as stated below) as well as all the careful, meticulous plotting involved with this story. This is no haphazard adventure. This is a mystery full of secrets and plot twists and turns. So it is rather hard work to keep in order.

As a secondary note: because of publishing issues as presented in Yuffie's How To ( ) I am keeping all future chapters marked as private, meaning only my followers and I can read it. Just an FYI to anyone passing through.


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Moving threw me for a loop. Now that I'm settled, I can get back to writing.

Firebender_Zeke posted a message

New cover for "Orpheus Rising". New chapter will hopefully come out soon too.

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I was feeling some WP loneliness and wanted to come say hello. Only it looks kinda like you deleted your account, but not really...
It says down there with @raindrop that you're starting over. Sounds exciting. Can't wait to meet [overdone announcer voice] THE NEW YOU!