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Description: He is darkness. He is demon. She is light. She is a savior. When the demon saves the savior, a pattern unfolds and a story unwinds, and the whole world waits with baited breath as every step seems to mirror the first. Because in the first story...

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Orpheus Rising

Orpheus Rising

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Nothing changes. Ever. She sits at the piano playing the same song. Dead rose petals always skirt about...

Archie Smith: Boy Wonder

Archie Smith: Boy Wonder

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Firebender_Zeke commented on Write This Down - 4

Sort of. The demon girl has more white hair and brighter eyes and paler skin, but Elai closely resembles them cause she's "Aryan" (in our terms, if you want to get technical). But the demons can be easily told apart as they exhibit much stranger behaviors, have super strength and speed, magic, and can turn into "those indescribable things" when they attack
raindrop posted a message to Firebender_Zeke

So I'm getting the feeling that at this moment I still have no concept of who is a main character (well...everyone sort of is, right? hahah)...uhm, so, is Elai not that demon girl with the ring incident in which Garnet was torn apart and obliterated?
Firebender_Zeke commented on Write This Down - 3

Totally get you on that. First impressions matter.

Oh, right, the comments...

Eh, I'll figure it out. It's just that so many characters are ambiguous and they will never get a chance to be 'on screen' again, so I don't want to leave all of them in the dark. But like I said, I will figure it out.
Firebender_Zeke commented on Write This Down - 4

He led his night-blood steed behind him, and the horse never made a sound as it went. Not a whinny or grunt or even a swish of its mane disturbed the ambience around them. 
Pssh, horse don't need air. Horse don't care!