^ Yes, that is indeed me. 
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Zhei (Pronounced "Gee" )

- 1st Generation Chinese American.

-US Military Cadet
-Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
- Very busy in College. It's slow progress but yes, I am writing. I don't plan to give up finishing my works until I put down the last period to end my story.

Cross Country Runner
avid competition shooter
rock climber

- I also enjoy writing and playing music on my free time
- If you ever decide to write any fiction and need some military know-how, terminology, info,check the non-fiction works below, or ask myself.

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Blood Phoenix

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[ The Arsenal ] The Wattpad Writer's guide to Modern Weapons

[ The Arsenal ] The Wattpad Writer's guide to Modern Weapons

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Trigger -= Short Story/One shot =-

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Yes. And Assault rifles in general is extremely difficult because for the most part, combat rifles, in my opinion, are considered more as "weapon systems" than just rifles. For example, the AK series and the AR series have spawned so many variations off of their "base bodykit". The AR is extremely modular (and I will have supplemental videos for the section with me explaining a bit as well), if you ever look up AR15 assembly/dis assembly, you'll realize how modular it can be with different barrels, receivers,etc, etc. 
      I will probably discuss their variations and have just general chapters of popular assault rifles.

Well, you normally would get hot chow in the mess hall on a base. The cooks would make decent meals (pretty balanced out). Of course, some of the bigger bases ( bigger than Forward Operation Bases like Headquarters) would have fat food vendors and all that. It depends on where you get lucky. If you're just on a base like Germany or England, you probably can get lucky and eat off base. If you're on HQ in a combat area like in Iraq, somewhere close to the capitol city you might get lucky with vendors. But way out in combat, that's when you pack your MREs. 
      And MREs pack a wallop. Eating an MRE will give you your calorie intake of your ENTIRE DAY. It's not much food, but that stuff can and will get you going. And honestly, it's more of a personal preference about MREs. But on three day operations, and for the most part, it's generally unit policy to have two hot meals a day.

Name: Lisa Chung
      Gender: Female 
      Age: 20
      Appearance: http://s15.postimg.org/6w3oxroqz/Linda_Watchdog.jpg sometimes with longer hair in a bun.
      Background: A college student on vacation leave, her town was one of the first areas that were overwhelmed with the collapse of military outposts on the outskirts. A high school friend of Jackson, the two grew close as rifle team members before going to college, where they sometimes competed against each other. 
      A few days later, Jackson wandered the forests, wary of main roads. As he walked, he noticed a white two story house, only slightly damaged with broken doors and windows. Intrigued, he begun to low crawl from the treeline into the backyard of the house, concealing his movement in the overgrown thick tall grass and brush. As he approached halfway, he heard the sound of a lone groaning zombie behind him. His heart raced, when suddenly, he noticed the black curtains of the windows on the second floor violently wave, and the sound of a skull popping cracked in the air. He winced, and silently prayed. He paused for a few seconds, before continuing his crawl. A few moments later, the screech of a bullet whizzed by his ear. He paused again, and waited before crawling.This time, dirt whipped up in front of him, and he saw through the grass the door to the backyard of the house swing open slowly, as a girl with brown highlights raise a scoped rifle directly at him from the doorway. The girl gestured him to get up, and slowly, with his rifle slung on his chest, he stood up, hands raised. The girl lowered her rifle, her eyes wide.
      Strengths: Fiercely independent and strong willed. A student of botany, she can easily live off the land. she's calm and collected, and gives a sense of peace to those around her.
      Weaknesses: Under the calm, she's frequently bottling her true feelings, afraid to show her vulnerabilities. Her biggest fear is loneliness, and drives her to fiercely protect her friends to the end.

Name: Jackson Lam
      Gender: Male
      Age: 21
      Appearance: http://s24.postimg.org/rh1neqsqd/000002193898_1340095538.jpg
      Background: A military cadet on vacation leave from college, Jackson was scrambled alongside fellow Guardsmen and cadets in the evacuation of his hometown. News spread through communications. First the rumors on Facebook. The local news, and then, the communications outright from operations.  
      As the platoon he was attached to one night drove through an inconspicuous backwoods shortcut to an outpost, the screams and shrieks of zombies only alerted them of the fate was to come. In an instant, the swamps and marshes along the road rose as a rushing mob of frantic zombies of fallen soldiers before them attacked the convoy, splitting the two vehicles from each other, the lead vehicle instantly rolled over from the rush of bodies slamming into it. Overwhelmed and outgunned in matter of minutes, Jackson Lam survived the initial onslaught and desperately fought to keep the only other soldier in the platoon alive, the platoon sgt. Dragging him away into the night, with the flames of the burning humvees and the screams of soldiers in the distance, Jackson's platoon sgt. later succumbed to bleeding out, leaving him alone, and the last words to "never quit".  
      Strengths: As an SF Medical Officer Candidate, armed with his enhanced marksman rifle, he is a devastating shot. A savior and ironically, a skilled taker of lives, and a natural leader in stressful situations. An aura of trust and empathy hangs around him.
      Weaknesses: He's blunt, stoic, and sometimes cold towards others. He's also direct, and isn't afraid to speak his mind if needed.