^ Yes, that is indeed me. 
English name]

Zhei (Pronounced "Gee" )

- Proud Chinese American. first generation, Born in Vriginia. 

-US Military Cadet, Virginia Tech Corps of Cadets
US Army.
-Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
- Very busy in College. It's slow progress but yes, I am writing. I don't plan to give up finishing my works until I put down the last period to end my story. 

Cross Country Runner
avid competition shooter
rock climber
Martial Arts

- I don't read pure romance, vampire, werewolf, etc.
- I also enjoy writing and playing music on my free time
- If you ever decide to write any fiction and need some military know-how, terminology, info,check the non-fiction works below, or ask myself. 

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I also do little comic blogs. Swing by sometime.

-= Feonix =-
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[ The Arsenal ] The Wattpad Writer's guide to Modern Weapons

[ The Arsenal ] The Wattpad Writer's guide to Modern Weapons

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Every wattpad writer has that moment (well, for action, thriller, spy fiction) does. That "I need to th...

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Trigger -= Short Story/One shot =-

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ThefabledDavid posted a message to Feonix
Hi there,
I stumbled upon your guide to weapons, and then you profile - quite interesting if I must say ^^.  Im sure I'll have lots of intricate questions later, but it's nice to know there's other romance-hating tech and military freaks around.  
You might enjoy watching one of my favorite animes - Attack on Titan.  It really highlights the essence of war.  Also Iron Forged is a good war book here on Wattpad, but I wont spam any further.

Hey everyone.

For all my followers, thanks for still following. A lot of things have come up recently, though it does not deter me from working at all. I will be slowly writing, but of course, college and military life does pile on.

At the moment I'm going to steer in a slight direction for a few weeks on genre since above all, I am a writer, and hey, never be afraid to jump into the unknown, and do your best. We all gotta take risks, and for me, I think I'll take a calculate risk and see what happens. Thanks everyone for the support so far, and for some who aren't active or bogged down, every follow has meant a lot to me.

The overall part/Chamber for probably Machine guns you're referring to is simply called your feed box.

Your feed tray is where you put the first rounds of the belt. The very first round of the belt is nestled at this sort of gap cover at the end of the feed tray. 

You then drop your feed tray cover over your feed tray, and then pull the bolt. The bolt causes the gap tray to open, the first round to catch onto the bolt, and the belt is locked in place, ready to feed the chamber after the round is fired, the belt is disintegrated from the excessive heat, and the next round is fed by cycling. I know, I know, a little too much, but hopefully a good bit to understand schematics!