Status: I was thinking if I should create a story because I deleted my work. What do you think guys? ;) (4 months ago)


Name Leslie Anne Canseco Villanueva
Location Paris, France
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Curly haired
I love Taylor no matter what you say. Her songs and her lyrics are my only friends when no one's around.
I overthink most of the times.
Love? Its about being happy, overwhelmed and sad at the same time.
Reading. :)Done

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*offense :) I just corrected you. Don't get me wrong :*
Must Date The PLAYBOY! (PUB...

we're the same! :)
Must Date The PLAYBOY! (PUB...

'one day you're screaming you love me loud the next you're so cold' remembering Holy Grail lol!
Must Date The PLAYBOY! (PUB...

otor! update po tayo otor! Hahaha! peace labyo mwapaks x
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