*a freshly graduate soon to be RN "INSHAALLAH"
      *with an IQ of  5/10 haha im not smart and im not that stupid kumbaga katamtaman lang
      *with a height of 5'2 (how i wish im 5'8 hahaha) pandak ako sa kalagayan kong ito
      *i can easily fall INLOVE <3 and easily fall OUT of LOVE </3
      *love to eat sweets (well pinaka gusto ko talaga is chocolate and ice cream)
      *i love to take pictures of my self haha noon yan :) but because of weight gain as in so much GAIN gusto ko na lang ako ang mag picture sa mga tao (feeling photographer ako eh) :D 
      *about crushes well i can name 4 persons 1. ALEC DUNGO 2. JUNG YONG-HWA 3. LEE MIN HO 4.YOON SHI YOON 
      *well im admiring girls too like  PARK JI YEON, LEE AREUM, KRYSTAL JUNG AND EMMA WATSON
      *Im a JALEC fan and im dying to read all the fanfic of jalec. i can say im diehard fan of alec dungo hahaha <3 
      *Im a BIG FANof T-ARA and CN BLUE
      *i read stories on wattpad EVERYDAY as in araw-araw :D
      *people say that im immature and childish.well  i dont care wat people think or say about me as long as im happy. <3
      *i can read until 2am in the morning :D "adik ako!!!"
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