I love spending time with my friends, love my family, and I love my horse with all of my heart. I also have a great passion for writing stories, especially novels and hope to be an author when I grow up. So, all of your feedback would be greatly appreciated.

P.S. If any weird crap shows up that I posted, it probably just means that my bff got on my account and posted something when I accidently left it open. I swear, if she does that one more time on my facebook account I am going to hurt her.

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"She says she's happy for me."
"Of course she's gonna say she's happy for you and fake a smile but look deeper into her brown eyes, you BROKE her."


"I'm not random, you just can't think as fast as me."


"I'm not a nerd!!" (There is a whole background story on this that involves my friend but... well I dont feel like explaining it)


"98% of people are bringing sexy back. I'm the 2% that never left."


"One, two, buckle my shoe, I'm coming for you."


"I find myself contemplating if punching you in the face would be worth losing my job. Most days, the answer is yes."


"Due to the rising price of amunition, I can no longer afford to give a warning shot. Thank you for your understanding."
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The Shade of an Ebony Rose (A Black Death Novel)

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Description: {2nd in Black Death Trilogy} In a world now void of the mighty Black Death gang, two escapees run for their lives. Since the daring prison break that freed the gang’s ex-leader, he and his sister have been hunted by police and assassins alike. How...

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Gangs Aren't My Style (A Black Death Novel)

Gangs Aren't My Style (A Black Death Novel)

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{1st in the Black Death Trilogy} Gangs have never caused Ally anything but misery and heartbreak. Not on...

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Official Edited Preview of Gangs Aren't My Style

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Blind Perception

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@arcticsmoke Thank you for telling me. I will try my best to fix them but Wattpad keeps messing with my story every time they go offline to "fix bugs". The first time, I suddenly had a saved draft for each and every published chapter... drafts which I had to delete one by one (there were 94 mind you). The second time, it made chapters 18-21 be symbols. And now it has apparently expanded that number. 

Anyway, sorry for this mini rant. I will try to locate my word files of the old chapters and upload them again.